published at 02.12.2013, 19:04

Dhoom:3 - Bollywood meets BMW Motorrad

Take the most successful Bollywood actor and combine him with the fastest BMW motorcycles. The result is an action-packed Bollywood film that promises nail-biting chases. The Indian blockbuster Dhoom:3 will be showing in cinemas all over the world just before Christmas.... [more ...]

published at 30.08.2013, 11:23

Stationery for Africa – your chance to get involved

If you're worried that your charitable donations might not be reaching those that need it most, what could be better than travelling to Africa yourself, jumping on a BMW GS bike and riding out to the Garden Route with your panniers full of pens, pencils and paper to give directly to African schoolchildren? This idea is the brainchild of GS rider Marchant Maasdorp, who has already been doing this... [more ...]

published at 30.08.2013, 10:44

First Paris to Beijing and now the Long Way Home...

More than two months after leaving the Eiffel Tower in France, a big group of BMW GS riders from all over Europe recently arrived in Beijing after 16,000 kilometres of life-changing travel through 15 countries. Tour leader Eric Massiet du Biest has already started his return journey but found time to reflect on this unforgettable voyage of discovery..... [more ...]

published at 21.07.2013, 16:25

Share in ‘The Ride of your Life’ – on DVD now

It’s the story about the journey that made waves around the world – and now it’s yours to own on DVD. For motorcycle travel enthusiasts and BMW GS fans everywhere, this two-hour ‘Ride of your Life’ film chronicles the One World One R 1200 GS Tour that began as a simple competition to promote the latest BMW adventure motorcycle, but went on to make history in the 90th year of the... [more ...]

published at 20.07.2013, 11:16

BMW Motorrad RR Experience Tracks Perfectly

The first BMW Motorrad RR Experience Track Day and Test Rides got off to a sensational start at Queensland Raceway recently with VIP's Chris Vermeulen and Glenn Allerton in the mix.... [more ...]