published at 21.07.2013, 16:25

Share in ‘The Ride of your Life’ – on DVD now

It’s the story about the journey that made waves around the world – and now it’s yours to own on DVD. For motorcycle travel enthusiasts and BMW GS fans everywhere, this two-hour ‘Ride of your Life’ film chronicles the One World One R 1200 GS Tour that began as a simple competition to promote the latest BMW adventure motorcycle, but went on to make history in the 90th year of the brand.

When Italian rider Alessio Cigolini first started the engine of the all-new BMW R 1200 GS in Laos to kick off the Asian stage of the One World. One R 1200 GS Tour, nobody knew what a big story this ambitious continental journey would become. As the trip progressed through New Zealand, Africa and America, it gained an ever increasing amount of followers – all keen to join the ride – either online via the BMW Community or by actually meeting up with the tour as it passed through their country.

With each new rider, and every new continent discovered, the tour touched the hearts and souls of the people who were there to host the five lucky riders and proudly show them the best of their homelands. By the time British “Little Red Riding Hood’ Stephanie Rowe and a couple of hundred GS riders rolled up to the BMW headquarters in Munich, the tour had left an indelible impression across the wide and wonderful worlds it had passed through – and much more besides.

The best moments from this series of continental adventures has been captured on film by Romain de l’Ecotais and made into a special feature-length movie that received its premiere at BMW Motorrad Days in Garmisch-Partenkirchen over the weekend of 4-7 July, with all five ‘One World’ riders reunited for the 40,000 fans who attended this annual BMW motorcycle festival.

The DVD contains five, 24-minute films showing each tour in detail on all five continents. There is also a ‘making of’ film and trailers for the whole expedition. Also included is the official BMW short movie of the ‘birth’ of the new R 1200 GS, as well as technical CAD animations of the brand’s flagship travel enduro that is the latest in a long line of top-selling boxer-engine adventure bikes.

There are two hours of video to enjoy on this spectacular and emotional DVD, which gets right to the heart of the One World tour, made special by Alessio, Herbert, Salvador, Stephane and Stephanie. Watch each individual journey, or the whole tour in its entirety. Get to know each of the five winners and see the reaction of the local people to the One World tour and the R 1200 GS.

As much as the tour reached out to the world, it also changed the lives of the five lucky riders who became the faces of this campaign, which truly went ‘global’. For them, it was truly a case of the journey being more important than the destination, with the ride itself uniting communities and demonstrating the strength of the international BMW family, as Stephanie Rowe explains.

“When I won the competition, I thought I’d just be riding a bike through Europe. I didn’t expect there to be the response there has been, and the support from everyone – all the riding clubs from different regions and different countries – and it’s really opened my eyes. I know BMW is a unique brand but GS community and GS attitude is a real thing. So many people joined us along the way. Often in the morning, people didn’t know each other, but by the evening it was like we’d all been friends for years. Everyone was always laughing and joking and it was so nice. That’s the biggest thing about it – it’s the people, not just the bike, that make the memories.”

The DVD is available in English language, with subtitles in French, German, Italian and Spanish, and comes with a 32-page illustrated booklet featuring the background to each rider and tour. Each film is accompanied by a slideshow of 100 of the best pictures taken by tour photographer Ulla Lohmann.

The Ride of your Life DVD is out now and available to order.