published at 30.07.2015, 14:40
Rider equipment

Dynamic Brake Light

To be noticed in good time by traffic behind you when braking – this is highly relevant to the safety of motorcyclists. Especially in dangerous situations when rapidly decelerating. This is why BMW Motorrad developed the dynamic brake light, which can better warn the drivers of following vehicles with its flashing brake light.... [more ...]

published at 10.02.2015, 10:18
Rider equipment

GS helmet – tested in the toughest terrain

At the autumn international motorcycle shows, BMW Motorrad introduced its new lightweight GS helmet, specifically designed for sports riding and featuring high-tech materials that make it extremely safe and robust, yet comfortable. Developed with off-road and adventure travel in mind, the helmet has already seen action in this year’s Dakar Rally, as it was the preferred choice of father and son... [more ...]

published at 05.11.2013, 12:20
Rider equipment

StreetGuard – top-class safety thanks to C.A.R.E.

The StreetGuard suit was developed by BMW Motorrad according to C.A.R.E. (Concept of Advanced Rider Equipment). This means it guarantees the very highest performance in terms of safety, comfort, durability and innovation. Only BMW Motorrad rider equipment is C.A.R.E.-certified, meeting the highest safety standards and incorporating state-of-the-art technology. Thanks to C.A.R.E. standards... [more ...]

published at 26.06.2012, 08:30
Rider equipment

Perfect sporting packages for everyone

With your interest in WSBK, we thought we’d take the opportunity to tell you a little bit about our rider clothing that has been designed for, and is dedicated to sporting riders.... [more ...]

published at 02.12.2011, 11:31
Rider equipment

Join the Club and stay cool

Motorcycles and fashion have always been interlinked, right from the earliest days when pin-up boys in leather and denim demonstrated a love for speed, a desire to be different and a non-conformist attitude to dressing.... [more ...]