The road is not enough? Learn with confidence how to master your motorcycle in off-road terrain with experienced training partners and instructors. Our partners’ individual training courses provide all riders, whether beginners or experts, with all they need to let their enduro passion run free.

As much off-road as you like

An optimum off-road training program challenges a rider's stamina and skill - though without making excessive demands. This is why our partners' programs have easily comprehensible requirement profiles. They help you realistically assess your skill level when selecting a suitable off-road training program.


For proficient motorcyclists who do not yet have off-road experience.


For riders with solid on-road experience who have already undertaken their first tours over rough terrain.


For very skilled riders with extensive experience both on and off the road who do not shy away from any obstacle and are in search of competition.

Please note that the profiles are only intended as guidelines for your selection. For further details of the exact requirements, simply get in touch with the relevant program provider. They will be glad to help.